About Us

About Reggin Technical Services

Mission Statement:
We at Reggin are committed to providing the highest quality of professional service available in our industry to every customer…every time, always seeking, innovative and creative alternatives to improve our products, our services and our solutions for you!

Innovate, Improve, Solve, Prevent & Protect!

About Us:

By providing highly trained and motivated personnel and an efficient management support staff, we are in a position to implement leading edge service policies.

It is only by forming an open dialogue with our customers and making them part of our team that this is possible.


About Our Founder:

Lenard Douglas Reggin

1931, after being laid off by his previous employer, Lenard decided it was time to be his own boss. Utilising his expertise and experience, he founded Reggin Roofing and Metal Works Ltd. He bought a failing sheet metal and roofing firm, one of the many victims of the great depression, and quickly turned it into a profitable business. Over the years the company expanded into heating and refrigeration, and the production of steel furniture for hospitals and other institutions.



coralberta COR Certified


Steve Richards,

General Manager
Reggin Technical Services Ltd.


With over 20 years of sales management experience in hand, Steve Richards is relentless in his mission to provide unparalleled service to Reggin’s current and future customers. With his strategic business acumen, his strong customer centered leadership and his people focused management style, it is no surprise that Reggin has stepped into light as one of Calgary’s premier service providers in the Plumbing and Heating Industry. Steve Richards has lured the best and brightest employees to create an environment where customers can feel confident that their needs will be met and surpassed.

Steve joined Reggin over 11 years ago and since then, has led the expansion of this organization, growing their employee base to almost triple the numbers and through his leadership, has quadrupled their fleet of service vehicles required to meet the needs of this expanding business. At the centre of Steve’s success is his intuitive and very conscious awareness that people come first. Even in hiring his staff, although strong technical skills are required, he clearly communicates that character, integrity and passion are paramount. Steve gives the term “customer care” new meaning as he continues to seek out innovative ways to enhance the lives of his customers through the outstanding service Reggin provides. He has a strict philosophy….”We must go above and beyond to treat every customer and every team member the way we would hope to be treated. If we are viewed as the best in the eyes of our customers and our employees, this is our true measure of success!”

Janis Bayko

Accounting & Office Administration Manager


Every successful organization must have strong leadership behind the scenes, ensuring smooth and professional daily operations. Janis Bayko, Manager of Accounting and Office Administration is a shining example of the high standard of employees that Reggin prides itself on. After working in the construction industry for over 10 years in cost accounting, Janis began working with Steve Richards, Reggin’s General Manager. Now after 26 years of dedicated service, including over a decade with Reggin, she continues to give new meaning to the word commitment. Janis has extensive training and experience in General Accounting, Payroll, IT Support, Inventory, Administration and Office Management. Her flexibility, impressive work ethic, attention to detail, loyalty and integrity are all admired qualities Janis brings to the Reggin team. From dawn until dusk she works diligently to ensure the highest possible quality of service to our internal staff and our external customers. Her creativity and ingenuity are critical to our service delivery as Janis works to strategize and prioritize the daily support functions of our business. Her analytical problem solving skills are put into practice every day as she works to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our internal team. Janis proudly states, “We at Reggin want to do more than surpass the expectations of our customers, we want to excel at everything we do and provide the BEST and highest quality service available in our industry!”