In keeping Reggin Technical’s focus on providing an unparalleled safe and healthy work environment for its employees and customers, it is paramount that the highest quality of staff are recruited to ensure safety, care and protection; John Bulger is a strong asset to the team who has the skillset to ensure our staff and clients are protected 100%.


John brings 7 years of commercial construction experience and 3 years of industrial experience working in the Alberta Oil Sands. He received his NCSO designation in 2015, and is continually upgrading training and further developing his skillset which include


  • Certified trainer for WHMIS 2015
  • Certified safety program auditor
  • Confined Space Monitoring and Entry
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Site Inspection implementations and adaptations
  • First Aid


John is known for skills in finding areas of improvement either through procedural changes or technological advancement. Having increased his previous employers COR inspection score from 90 to 97; It is clear his efforts and skillset provide results


John Bulger enjoys teaching and believes the best way to prevent an incident is teaching, through mentorship, through procedures and policy training. He believes even smallest measure of safety prevention and wellness instituted by every employee in the work place can create a better quality of life for Reggin’s staff, customers and our community both at work and at home. John is proud to be a part of Reggin’s outstanding and dynamic team. He stands firm representing Reggin on the premise that, “We are seeking a better quality of life for everyone.”


He has equipped himself to provide safety, prevention and support to our employee base and our organization as a whole. We look forward to the positive changes that he will make as he grows in this company.

Safety Officer