Reggin Technical Services


The heating, ventilation, air conditioning & refrigeration department provides complete repair, installation and Preventive Maintenance on a multitude of commercial equipment. At Reggin Technical Services we pride ourselves with continuing the training and education of our technicians, providing factory and site training with the top HVAC manufactures. The technicians and support staff understand that for you to maintain a high level of productivity, your staff requires a comfortable environment to work in.

Sheet Metal

Reggin Technical Services provides a number of services and sheet metal work options including:
Heat / cool roof top units, Furnace & unit heaters, Industrial and commercial duct work, Heat exchanger testing and replacement, Exhaust fans, make-up air systems, Humidifiers, Garbage chute repairs, Air balancing, and System design & installation.


Trust Reggin Technical Services to service and maintain your building domestic water system. Whether this is a municipally required cross connection device or hot water heating tank, the technicians we employ have all been trained, and continue their training in servicing and maintaining these critical components and the connecting infrastructure.

Preventative Maintenance

Our Preventative Maintenance Inspection programs are designed based upon industry standards often superseding manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures in order to reduce the premature failure of your equipment. Preventative maintenance programs are an inexpensive way to ensure a longer, more efficient life span of your equipment.


The Electrical department at Reggin Technical Services is dedicated to providing cost effective and timely service to customers in the commercial, light industrial and multi-unit housing sectors. Reggin Technical Services employs only highly skilled technicians, with over 100 years of combined experience, and spanning in some circumstances over 4 generations. At Reggin Technical Services, we are not satisfied until you are.

Thermographic Scanning

We are seeing a growing trend of insurance companies requiring periodic thermographic scanning of many different types of facility in order to provide early detection of potentially expensive failure points. Early detection and correction of potential problems not only saves the Insurer in payouts but will also save the facility owner or manager in “lost use” time of a building that may require extensive, post-failure repair.